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"Thank you for helping me over the years."  Name withheld

"I am leaving with peace of mind."  Name withheld

"I feel so much better than when I first came.  I am glad that I came.  You were easy to talk with.  I didn't feel judged."  Name withheld

"I recently went on your website and checked out your recommended books page .  I found several books that I plan to read." Name withheld

"You have been a blessing to me and my family.  Thank you very much."  Name withheld

"I was researching to find a Christian counselor.  I contacted Focus on the Family and found that you were practicing in the area.  I was relieved to know that you are a Christian counselor."  Name withheld

'Your article, 'Leisure Is For Everyone' showed me that I don't have any leisure!"

"Thank you for being a good instrument of the Lord for me.  I feel encouraged when I leave.  Name withheld.

Counseling helped me to see that there are viable solutions for the problems that I have.
Jody M.

“Linda is really easy to talk to.  She helped me a lot."
James P.

“I was struggling with how to help my son.  He is only 4 years old.  Through play therapy, he was able to get better.  Counseling was very helpful for me and my family.
Mary Johnson

"Counseling helped me to figure out what I needed to fix in my life and start that process of fixing them."